Socractic Bot

An attempt to gain collective wisdom [currently in beta]

We are living in the so-called information age, where knowledge is accessible within a second. We talk a lot about gathering data, a little bit about knowledge, but very rarely do we talk about wisdom. The idea of the Socratic Bot is to bring philosophy into a context where you expect it least. Everyday the Twitter bot randomly tweets a question out of an ever growing list of ideas. Philosophers, artists, writers, scientists, poets, designers, and any kind of thinker are invited to contribute to this list by submitting interesting, serious, not-so-serious, bizarre, controversial, entertaining or fundamental questions for the followers to answer.

The Wisdom Pyramid

Followers are encouraged to answer questions. The project was born out of the idea what Socrates would do if he had the internet, considering that the public discussion takes no longer place in town squares and markets but online. Philosophy happens in the conversation, during the exchange of ideas. With Twitter enabling us to use the written word in real-time, one could argue the bot goes back to the very roots of philosophy.

Potential Collaborations

During the beta phase all @replies will be tracked and analysed. How would the bot react to answers? Would he dig deeper and challenge the responder? How would he react to counter questions? Would he be able to detect and understand irony? I currently look for potential collaborators from a broad range of areas such as epistemology, machine learning and hackers. If the project caught your interest please do not hesitate to drop me a line or connect on Twitter.

A nod to the Age of Earth Quakes

Submit a Question

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